Fireside Chat: TBalance

Tori is the founder of TBalance, a holistic health coaching service that helps people find their way in life by focusing on 5 pillars: relationships, careers, food, spirituality and exercise. Tori is the most calming and uplifting person that I know. I always feel really at peace whenever I see her and this really comes across in this episode; listening to her talk about how we all need to love ourselves a bit more and not get so hung up on what we think we should be doing or feeling is refreshing and so necessary. We chat everything from chakra healing, using crystals, changes in our subtle energies, why as women we shouldn't feel that we have to be hitting the gym, and Tori's love of a good cheeseboard... As you can probably guess from the name, Tori’s take on life is “everything in balance.” It’s refreshing to chat to someone that doesn’t restrict anything in their diet, has a cocktail if she feels like she wants one and goes IN on a delicious cheeseboard if she’s feeling in her body that she wants to. Tori helps her clients to relax in body and in mind and guide them through difficult life decisions and crossroads. She’s a fountain of knowledge when it comes to chakra healing, and runs a very successful series of dinners across London working in collaboration with brands to serve up food and thoughts that calm and support our chakras. We talk about Tori’s journey to becoming a Holistic Health Coach and the way she lived her life before TBalance was quite different to how she lives it now. She speaks out beautifully about losing one of her closest friends and the grief leading her to take a trip and get out of London, and then finding what it was she really wanted to do with her life.